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Massage by Kerry IPHM

Mobile massage therapy - enjoy all the wonderful benefits of therapeutic massage in the comfort of your own home.  You can relax afterwards in your pjs and dressing gown rather than having to get dressed and make your way home.  A 50+ minute massage equates to 7-8 hours of sleep, so if you are feeling tired and drained, a treatment is just what your body needs!  Self-care is an important part of wellbeing, and is never something you should feel guilty about. 
Please note, clients under the age of 18 will need to have an adult present for the duration of their treatment.  I will not carry out any treatments on any person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  I do not charge any extra call out fees, unless you over an hours' drive away.  There will be a 50% charge of the cost of your treatment if you cancel with less than 24 hours' notice. 

Why holistic massage?

Holistic massage not only takes into account the physical aspect of massage, but the person as a whole being with powerful energies.  Each treatment is about total relaxation and realigning all of the body's systems and functions to work in harmony together, to find its natural balance and regain equilibrium.  There is abundant evidence to show that the mind/body connection is absolutely essential for healthy functioning, wellbeing and happiness.

Some of the wonderful benefits of massage include:
Reduction of stress and anxiety
Increased relaxation
Release of toxins
Improved flow of lymph fluid which boosts the immune system
Improved breathing
Reduction of stiffness and inflammation in aching joints
Improved circulation
Promotion of feelings of wellbeing/reduction of depression
Increased energy
Better digestion and excretion
Reduced cellulite
Improved sleep
Delight in the sense of touch and connection

60/90 minute Full Body Holistic Massage £50/£75

This truly is a full body massage, not just a minute or two on each limb or concentrating mostly on the back.  Plus, it is a full 60 minutes, not the standard 50 minutes that has become the norm.  The techniques I employ are based on traditional classic massage movements, incorporating Swedish massage methods, to deliver the best possible luxurious treatment.  You will feel wonderful as your whole body relaxes, the muscles are stimulated and released of tension, and the troubles of the world drift away.


30/60/90 minute Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage £25/£50/£75

Lymph is a mixture of proteins, water, waste products and immune system elements, that carries the toxins out of and away from your internal organs.  It is your secondary circulatory system after your blood, yet it has nothing pumping it around (unlike blood, which has the heart to do that).  You need to manually get the lymph flowing - this can be done with movement and exercise, or by manually draining it.  This is a very powerful treatment and is perfect for those who are preparing for an operation, are post-op and need to heal, have fluid retention, have skin problems (including acne, eczema, scar tissue and stubborn stretchmarks), need their immune system boosting, need to detox, need to relax, have conditions that reduce their mobility and those who need an upturn in their wellbeing and their energy levels revitalising.  It is excellent for people who suffer with arthritis, fibromyalgia and lymphedema, as well as many other health conditions and the need for general healing, as it is physically a gentle, non-invasive treatment that rapidly assists lymph circulation.  The client is fully clothed and will be advised on a course of 1-3 sessions (or more, depending on the type of issues the client is being treated for). It's also ideal for those who are too ticklish for a traditional oil massage too!

30/60/90 minute Oncology Massage £25/£50/£75

This massage is very similar to the MLD massage explained above, but is specifically for those suffering with cancer.  The benefits of this treatment can include reduction of anxiety, pain, nausea and depression, while increasing dopamine levels.  This is a safe, complimentary to medical treatment massage that is tailored to the individual's needs, depending on which, if any, of the lymph nodes have been removed.  The client will need to obtain permission from their doctor/oncologist before treatment commences. 

30 minute Indian Head Massage £25

This massage incorporates the shoulders, arms, neck and upper back as well as the face and scalp.  A deeply relaxing, indulgent experience that is also invigorating, giving you a fresh sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

60/90 minute Full Body Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage £50/£75

This is a similar treatment to the full body holistic massage, but is a much stronger massage that goes deeper into the tissue with firm movements and a flow of natural energy.  The Lomi Lomi (loving hands) technique was traditionally used by the Hawaiians, and is carried out using the heel of the hands, forearms and elbows to release tensions and strains, helping the client to let go of bad patterns of muscle behaviour and learn new ways to relax tense muscles.  The treatment can be adjusted from firm to gentle, depending on preference and how the body reacts during the session.

60 minute Zone Therapy Facial Massage £50

This treatment is reflexology, but for the face!  An indulgent facial massage including cleanse and tone, that not only rejuvenates your skin and increases healthy blood flow, but eases tensions from the whole body, just as a foot reflexology treatment would do.  Reflexology was first used in India, Egypt and China over 5000 years ago, and in the late 19th century, the facial technique was developed in the UK and USA using the same methods but transferring the practice to the face and neck.  Some of the benefits of this massage include stimulating and strengthening lymph flow and the immune system, aiding the recovery of backache and painful joints, easing menstrual symptoms, migraine, mental tensions, IBS symptoms and gut issues, and of course, giving you a healthy glow.

45 minute Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage £40

This massage is specifically to treat your aching neck and shoulders to some relief from tension, knots and tight spots, with a pampering head massage too!  We can target your most painful areas for extra attention, including your back if required, leaving you feeling relaxed and more comfortable.

If you would prefer to tailor a massage to your own specific preferences, we can work on a routine that suits you and your needs.

Why not add on an extra 10 minutes just on the hands and feet, or the scalp, at the end of your massage (£8)?

I am also qualified as a mental health first aider.  Looking after your mental health is as important as looking after your physical health.  Getting massages is so very helpful to both, and compliment each other wonderfully.  I am more than happy to discuss this further if you wish, and hope that I can help you to boost your body and brain health.


Qualifications and Professional Body Membership

  • Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology: Recognised and Accredited with The Complementary Medical Association Institution for Complementary Therapists through Body & Soul School of Complementary Therapy
  • Level 3 Holistic Body Massage (Distinction): Recognised & Accredited with The Complementary Medical Association International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine through The School of Fine Tuning
  • Indian Head Massage: Recognised & Accredited with The Complementary Medical Association International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine through The School of Fine Tuning
  • Hawaiian Hands Free Massage: Recognised & Accredited with The Complementary Medical Association International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine through The School of Fine Tuning
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage: Recognised & Accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists through Brighton Holistics
  • Oncology Massage: Recognised & Accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists through Brighton Holistics
  • Zone Facial Therapy: Recognised & Accredited with The Complementary Medical Association International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine through The School of Fine Tuning


  • First Class Responders: FAA Level 3 award in supervising first aid for mental health
  • Northern Council for Further Education (NCFE): Cache Level 2, Understanding Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Advocacy in the Workplace


  • Executive Therapist Membership of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine


  • Insurance by Westminster Insurance Ltd


A bit about me...  Having worked in office based roles for a lot of my working life, I made the decision in April 2018 to sell up and leave my job to travel and work as a volunteer in various animal rescue and rehabilitation projects around the world.  I came back to the UK and retrained as a therapist in holistic massage, and will be building my skill set to include many different types of massage into my repertoire.    Knowing how wonderful it feels to receive an amazing massage, I am very passionate about my craft and absolutely thrilled to be able to offer this service to others, taking great pride in my ability to deliver exceptional treatments to my clients.  Human touch is an important part of physical and mental wellness, which stimulates all of the senses - the benefits are good for the mind, body and soul.


Please also check out TrustPilot to see how my clients feel about my work.

Heather F, Liverpool

Kerry set the mood beautifully: the room was warm, the lighting and music tranquil, the bed more comfortable than others I’ve been on. The massage itself went above and beyond any other I’ve had before - the care and attention to my body, and the way she explained the purpose of what she was doing made it a unique and personal experience. Some of the techniques she used felt as though she had 10 fingers on each hand! There was also a spiritual element - she puts her heart and soul into it, and her holistic approach lends a richness to her practise. Delicious from start to finish!

Cath C, Gorleston

Most magical massage

I had the most amazing massage with Kerry. The whole experience was exceptional. I was treated with dignity and kindness. From the lighting to the music, all made me feel relaxed. Kerry worked with exactly the right pressure checking that I wasn’t in any discomfort or pain and was very aware of any tender spots as soon as she put her hands on them.
She released all the tightness in my neck and shoulders. I slept so well and had no headache when I woke.
I will definitely be seeing Kerry again when she is in the Great Yarmouth area in December.

Paulina O, Reading

Something more than just a massage.

I had my first massage with Kerry and it was an amazing experience. She ensures that you feel comfortable and at ease from the start by taking care of every detail. The perfect pace and pressure, combined with technical skills, takes you on a journey to a relaxed, calm state of the body and mind. Good night's sleep guaranteed :)

P.s I'm a massage therapist myself.














Hannah C,

I was initially contacted by Kerry's sister to ask if I would like a massage. My first reaction was to say no, as I have a complicated medical history and was concerned that a massage would do more harm than good. Kerry admitted that she had not treated anyone with my condition before, but she was interested in finding out more. Over the next few weeks she researched my condition and asked me many pertinent questions. I agreed to a massage, fully confident that Kerry now knew more about the condition than many of the doctors I see in the hospital! On the day of the massage she ran through everything in great detail, and took a lot of time to make sure I was comfortable. She explained every step of the process and I was completely relaxed and confident in her ability. I am booking in for another massage as soon as possible and will now be a regular customer. It was lovely to have the massage in my own home, and be able to have a shower and nap afterwards! I cannot recommend her highly enough - this was an amazing experience.

Jess, Dunsden Green

Kerry is excellent at balancing relaxation with enough pressure to work through my aches and pains.

Michelle M, Reedham

As an ms client I suffer with excess fluid on my feet and ankles. Since receiving lymph drainage treatment from Kerry once a month, I no longer suffer with excess fluid. Thank u Kerry

Laura, Bungay

I had the most amazing massage from Kerry, Firstly she took the time to listen to me whilst I told her where I had pain and how much it hurt. The massage was just brilliant, concentrating on the areas that I suffered with. Afterwards she gave me some exercises that I could do to help, and explained a few things to help me with the pain I get. Kerry is very professional and such a lovely lady, I cannot recommend her enough. Looking forward to my next massage :-)

Scott W, 

I have had many full-body massages over the years but the service delivered by Kerry is simply second to none.

I now use Kerry exclusively for massages as she is the very best at what she does. The pressure she applies is adjusted to suit and remains consistent throughout. She always creates a relaxing environment with scented candles and calming classical music.

She helped me with problem areas (sore back) and ensured the pressure was correct and targeted. After the massage, Kerry explains clearly what to do and what not to do to ensure you carry on feeling great.

If you want the best holistic massage for ultimate relaxation, look no further.

Anthony T, Chippenham

Right up there in my top three massages around the world. Really tranquil music and lighting along with Kerry’s expertise gives you the perfect massage. Professional equipment and an attention to individual preferences on the type of massage result in a memorable experience. Can’t wait until she’s next in my area 🙏

Vicki M, Peppard

Kerry comes highly recommended - has worked wonders on my back, neck and shoulders.

Louise, Reedham

100% recommend

Someone at work recommended Kerry and I have to say she is absolutely fabulous. She is very professional and she actually listened and personalised a massage for my particular ailment. I've now had two massages and my problem has improved so much. I will definitely be having more massages by Kerry and with the luxury of having treatment in my own home, it means I can just chill out afterwards and not have to drive home. Would absolutely 100% recommend.

John G, Hua Hin, Thailand

As someone who regularly has massages here in Thailand, the home of massages, I was super impressed by Kerry’s skill and professionalism. I highly recommend her service, and look forward to my next massage from her.

Adi A, Basingstoke

Calm and Beautiful

Kerry set the room up beautifully and made me feel calm and welcome. Throughout the massage everything was amazing and she was very accommodating to my preferences. Thank you so much, I can’t wait for my next massage.

Kimberly T, Bramley

Angel hands!

Kerry’s sense of awareness, fantastic techniques, attention to detail and choice of tunes left me 99.9% asleep (which NEVER happens) and feeling completely at peace. 10 out of 10 from me.

Julie W, Hassocks

Kerry’s massages are wonderful! She made the room just right - with perfect temperature, relaxing music, lovely aroma, and even a special little touch of potpourri that I could look at whilst laying face down (with lovely baubles in for a Christmassy feeling!). She made sure that the pressure she used was good for me and was very professional throughout. She was genuinely focused on the massage and where I needed it most, making me feel that she considered my individual needs. The best massages I’ve ever had!

Lisa M, Laxfield

Amazing ! What a fantastic deep tissue massage for problem areas but also super relaxing and soothing in others.

I have had a lot of massages in my time but none as good as Kerry.

She comes to your house and is super friendly . Relaxing music and pot pourri. Lovely touches! (Although my old dog sat in it !)

I am looking forward to many more now . Thankyou Kerry xx

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